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1957 Catalina Grand National

1957 Catalina Grand National, aka Catalina Grand Prix


This You Tube video clip has footage from 1955 and 1957 Catalina Grand Prix.
Though Del Kuhn and George Gunther laid out the course in 1951, Kuhn had retired from motorcycle racing, having been fortunate to have won many events and titles during his
motorcycling racing career 1947 to 1954. His last race was the 1954 Catalina.

Kuhn saw this video clip in 2014 and wanted the viewers to know that Saturday’s race was 60 miles and the riders rode smaller engine motorcycles in various classes. Sunday’s race was the BIG one and an Open Class. The course was a 10 mile loop through various terrains in Catalina and each rider was required to make 10 circuits to equal 100 miles. The only exception to the required 100 mile was in 1951 when the conflicting ‘last ferry’ schedule back to the mainline, forced the race to end at the end of the 9th lap. Otherwise it would have left those who expected to go back after the race, stranded for the night. With 10 miles still left to go, this provided lots of ‘bench talking’ for decades about the ‘what if’ they allowed the riders to finish...

The 1957 Catalina Grand Prix...where the winner’s name was prematurely announced...after final scores were tabulated, the REAL winner announced. Yes, a big OOPS moment. Off-road ace and Catalina’s Grand Prix course maker, Del Kuhn did did not enter this race as he had retired from racing in 1954. Unknown to all at this time, is that the Catalina Grand Prix will end after the 1958 event due to a variety of dubious reasons. Posted by:

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